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New Missile Mechanic Demo

Hey, everyone.

I prepared this tech demo for you to see, and play around with, the new missile mechanics that was mentioned in another post called Missiles In Space. It might take a while to load, so be patient.

Alternatively, you can download it to your desktop and try it out that way.

Download for Windows

Download for Linux


I have been hard at work making 3D assets of ship weapons, guns and cannons, since I made the new missile mechanic demo.

At the same time I've fixed some, game breaking in some circumstances, Screen Settings issues. Windows start menu no longer appears in front of the game in borderless mode. Also, changes now require a confirmation in the form of a user input, if not given, game reverts changes so game breaking issues with something simple as Screen Settings do not occur again in the future, hopefully...

These changes will appear in v0.4

On another note, a handful of beta testers joined and provided good feedback on v0.3.5, their reports and suggestions are already being implemented and or planned for future.