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Website Is Live!

I'm so glad to finally have this website up and running. I'm no web designer/programmer so it has been somewhat of a challenge, took about three days of my time. But I'm very happy with how the very simple design turned out, specifically happy with the galactic candy wrapper header with Spaceward Cosmic Conflict logo. I'm almost ashamed to admit that, that was a happy mistake :) I knew I was keeping it the moment I stumbled upon that!

CSS stylesheets has been the most horrible experience I have ever went through in my career, I respect web designers a lot more now than I did before I started this project. I was mostly walking blindly in a realm filled with weird syntax, often stumbling, sometimes coming upon happy accidents like the candy wrapper header through trial and error. I'm not much of an artist either, so the debugging process of the stylesheets was probably the most challenging for me. I decided to go with a simple design rather than a complex one, and considering my lack of experience with web development it was the correct choice.

I hope to develop the website further with time, and post more articles as I continue to develop the game. I'm planning adding comment functionality to posts such as this one, newsletter subscription and more. Also of course adding more content.

Speaking of content, I hope to publish some screenshots from the game at the closest chance, might even publish some videos. I'm currently in the process of doing final touches on the 0.3 version of the game, integrating steamworks. I'm hoping to start beta soon, either when 0.3 is ready or with 0.4.